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LandWorks Plus (LW+) is a participatory project that aims to protect, enhance and revitalise a small former mining village in Northern Sardinia, Argentiera (Sassari), a UNESCO heritage site, now partly abandoned.

LandWorks Plus is the evolution of the LandWorks workshop and aims to strengthen and optimize the cultural policies of the territory and create a virtuous model of urban regeneration. The local community is the core and the project aim at involving it in projects of self-organization from below, making the village a center of experimentation and multidisciplinary artistic production of international excellence. 

LW+ aims to preserve the vocation, identity and memory of the mining site, as a place of work, innovation and production: from the extraction of minerals to the cultural and creative production in order to redefine the international attractiveness of the site. 

The desertion that meets culture becomes an opportunity for growth and development, to rebuild and rede ne the relationships between man, art, architecture and landscape.

LW+ with an integrated approach, reconverts the site producing culture, creativity and art, as drivers of development and rebirth of the mine. Our offer system is based on 5 strategic assets: education, studies and research, artistic and scientific residences, open air museum and mine museum, cultural and recreational events and experiences. 

The aim is to restore and give back to the community the places and their identity, giving form to them, establishing relationships and proportions between the memory of what has been abandoned, in-signing an innovative cultural, social, tourist and ecological reading.



LandWorks Plus (LW+) is a project conceived by LandWorks Cultural Association (LW) that involves the Municipality of Sassari, the Geomineral, Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia, the DADU-Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (Uniss), the Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari, the Devilla Higher Education Institute of Sassari, the Association Erasmuss - ESN Sassari and the Cultural Association Formore Istruzione, with the active participation of the Chaire Unesco-Université de Montreal-Canada, the SoA+D-School of Architecture and Design-KMUTT-Bangkok-Thailand, the TUM-Technische Universität München-Germany and the AHO-Oslo School of Architecture and Design-Norway.

The project has received several national awards: it is one of the winning projects in the national call for proposals "Culturability-rigenerare spazi da condividere" promoted by the Unipolis Foundation and one of the projects eligible for funding by MIBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) for the 2018 call for proposals for the European Year of Cultural Heritage.











LW+ chooses Argentiera as a field of experimentation, for the peculiar historical-environmental value and the tourist-productive vocation.

The mining area, in the municipality of Sassari, on the north-western coast of Sardinia, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is included in the Historical and Environmental Geomineral Park of Sardinia. 

Argentiera, which today has 70 inhabitants, was founded as a village of miners and takes its name from the material extracted from the deposits of lead, iron and zinc silver. The mine, used in Roman and medieval times, resumed mining in 1867, remaining in operation until 1963. 

The architectural heritage of the village is one of the greatest examples of mining archaeology in Sardinia. Today, some of the buildings are essential components of the landscape, in particular the Laveria, the pozzo Podestà, ex manufacturing, the director villa, the cinema and the ruins of the small residences. 

The village, which remained in a state of suspension for years, has recently seen the creation of new and favourable conditions for urban, environmental and social regeneration.
 The administration has made available public outdoor spaces, such as squares, streets, open spaces and underused areas that will host the architectural- artistic works co-designed by students, professionals and international artists in collaboration with the local community. 

Through the planned and coordinated action of the partners involved, the aim is to implement a broad system of supply to overcome physical, geographical and cultural isolation. An isolation that represents a limit but at the same time represents an advantage that returns a unique and highly distinctive experience that enhances the disused structures through new codes of use, for both public and private use. 

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