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Stefan Tischer is a landscape architect and Professor for Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at the Alghero School of Architecture, University of Sassari, where in 2009 he founded the International Masters Degree Program in Mediterranean Landscape Urbanism.


He has previously directed the School for Landscape Architecture at University of Montreal and the department of Landscape Project at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage ENSP Versailles. His wide academic résumé includes research and teaching experience at institutions such as Academy of Arts in Berlin Weissensee, IUAV Venice and Technical University TU Munich. He has also been invited to lecture and critique worldwide by GSD Harvard, Cornell University, Yale University, University of Virginia in Charlotteville, Univerisity of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, UNAM in Mexico City, University of Toronto, AUB in Beirut, Politecnico at Milan, “La Sapienza” University in Rome, TU Munich, ENA Rabat, Academy of Arts in Hamburg, Sprengel Museum Hannover and Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai. He is currently a research fellow of the Chair UNESCO of Landscape and Environment CUPEUM and was involved in the creation of Topos - European Landscape Architecture Magazine.


His projects are widely published.


He is the founder and scientific director of LandWorks.


Paola Serrittu is an Architect graduated at the Alghero School of Architecture, University of Sassari, where she had previously earned a BSc in Urbanism and Enviromental Planning.

In her Architecture’s thesis entitled “The soil beneath Berlin” she designed a public park in Berlin. In her first thesis instead she took on topic of the spontaneous urbanization and the integration of slums into the planning of metropolis in South America.

She is cofounder of “Spaces in progress onlus” no-profit organisation, that promotes the sensitive planning of worlds transitions areas. She worked as tutor and partner for several projects with international development cooperation agencies around the world, in Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, Brazil and Argentina.

She is co-founder and logistic coordinator of LandWorks - Cultural Association.


Andrea Maspero is an Architect and Urban planner.


He studied Architecture 

at Politecnico of Milan and Universidad de Belgrano-Buenos Aires.  He has a Msc. of Urban planning and Policy design at Politecnico of Milan, developing a thesis on the Urban regeneration of west Philadelphia with UPenn Design University.

Since years focused on product design issue, he is the founder of Human Light, a research company of wood lighting systems.

Based in Milan, he works in an architectural and urban design studio, and he is teaching assistent of architecture design at Politecnico of Milan.

In 2015 he took part in the LandWorks workshop as a participant, becoming later tutor and web-master. In 2016 he entered the board of LandWorks- Cultural Association.





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