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LandWorks arranges itinerant International operative workshops, which last 10 days, welcoming each time around 100 experts among teachers, young professionals and students of landscape architecture, architecture, art and photography from around the world, who work together intensively, alternating moments of exchange with residents and lectures by local experts, to identify the local problems of the site, study a new way of land-use, and offer a different perspective.

The "site specific" installation events, often in the spirit of LandArt, are conceived and built using natural and/or recycled materials and important historical artefacts found on-site. In line with the highly operational, extemporaneous and mainly ephemeral character of its experimental method, LandWorks also incorporates artistic performances with dancers, singers and parkour artists in order to curate a complex choreography, exploration and interpretation of the sites, all documented by a team of professional and student of photographers and videographers.

The territory is conceived as an immense operational experimental field, an open-air workshop and interactive museum: multicultural, multidisciplinary and participatory for the realization of a major land revitalization input, in which the community, institutions and local partners are considered crucial actors.

After the “day work” and the group dinner, there will be opportunities to attend public lectures where the International Team Leaders present their methods and approach to landscape projects.

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1st-2nd day | lectures

2nd-3rd day | survey

3rd-4th day | project

4th-10th day | realization

10th day | outcome